Monday, March 31, 2014

[A900] Root & Recovery for Pantech Vega A900 S/L/K

1) Go to Setting > About phone > tap Build number 5 times to enable Developer options
2) Go to Setting > Developer options > enable USB debugging
3) Install drivers for your Vega A900 (for Windows 7/8)
- S version:
- K version:
- L version:
4) Connect your device with your PC as PC data mode to install additional drivers
5) Disconnect your device, turn off your device and hold Volume UP + Volume DOWN + Power at the same time to enter Fastboot mode
6) Connect your device to the computer
7) Download the Root & Recovery tool for your device (choose the right version)
- K version
- S version
- L version
8) Unzip the downloaded file, Run FastbootStart.bin, your device will restart into recovery, wait for 10s, then choose Reboot => System. Your device will restart automatically
9) After restarting, SuperSU will appear. DO NOTHING, press HOME to exit
10) Go to Playstore to update your SuperSU.
Your device is now ROOTED with recovery installed.

Keywords: VEGA A900S, A900L, A900K, Pantech, Root, Recovery

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

[A890] Root & Recovery for Pantech VEGA A890S/L/K - JB4.2.2

This will guide you to root and install CWM recovery for Pantech VEGA A890s all versions (S/L/K)
How to
1) Install Vega A890 drivers
2)  Install Driver Fastboot:
3) Enable USB debugging mode on your A890 (Setting->System->Developer options->USB Debuging). Connect your device with your computer
​3) Download A890 CWM all-in-one tool
4) Unzip the file above, Open the folder Root&Recovery_JB4.2.2_A890S/L/K, run CAI DAT.exe. Do the followings step by step:
- Press 1 for Root.
- Press 2 for installation of CWM Recovery.
- Press 3 to exit, the device will restart automatically.

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

[A820L] ROM SphinX v2 March 20th 2014

This ROM is based on the the latest stock JB 4.1.2 ROM, must be flash from stock or any previous versions of SphinX ROM using the recovery from here
This version is optimized for battery life and some minor tweaks

Sunday, March 16, 2014

[A820L] Recovery for Stock JB 4.1.2

This method only applies to Pantech VEGA LTE EX A820L running stock JellyBean 4.1.2 ONLY


- Download and install official A820L USB drivers:

- Your device must be rooted before installing this recovery. To root your device, following the instructions here

- Download file: 820L_4.1_JB_only_by_SphinX-Team.rar from

- Unrar
- Enable USB debugging (settings –> developer options –> choose “USB debugging”

- Connect your device with PC, waiting for drivers to be installed properly
- Run the file 820L_4.1_JB_only_by_SphinX-Team.bat
- Grant the root access if the device asks

- Your device will reboot into recovery automatically

Keywords: Pantech, VEGA LTE EX, SKY 820L, Root, Recovery, Stock, JellyBean

sky a820l cwm 2

[A820L] Rooting Stock SKY A820L JellyBean 4.1.2

This method only applies to stock Pantech SKY A820L JB 4.1.2, updated online or via BINX

1) Download and install official USB drivers

2) Enable USB debugging: Settings -> Developer options –> choose “USB debugging”

3) Enable Unknown sources: Settings –> Security –> Unknown sources

4) Connecting your A820L to the PC, waiting for drivers to be installed properly

5) Download:

6) Unrar and run run_me.bat and following the instructions

Keywords: Pantech, VEGA LTE EX, SKY 820L, Root, Stock, JellyBean

[A880S] Rooting PANTECH VEGA A880S

This method applies to Pantech VEGA A880S Official KitKat firmware
- Download and install drivers from
- Download Root tool:
- Enable USB-debugging (Settings –> Developer Options, choose USB debugging), if “Developer Options” is not there, tap “About” several times
- Connect your A880S with the PC, waiting for drivers to be installed properly
- Unrar the a880s_root.rar downloaded above
- Run ROOT.bat, your phone will be restarted and now your SKY A880S is Rooted


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[A870] Recovery and Root for VEGA A870 S/L/K

- Drivers (choose the right version)
and download
How-to install Recovery
1) Normal Recovery
- Enable USB-debugging: "Settings/Developer options" and choose "USB debugging"
- Connect your device to PC using USB cable, wait until the drivers are installed successfully.
- Unrar  the  recovery_sky_A870.rar downloaded above, then run Recovery tu ADB.bat
2) Via Fastboot
- Completely turn off your phone
- Press both Volume UP + Volume DOWN, then press Power, you are now into Bootloader
- Using Volume UP and DOWN to choose Fastboot
- Connect your device to PC using USB cable, wait until the drivers are installed successfully.
- Unrar the recovery_sky_A870.rar downloaded above, then run Recovery tu fastboot.bat

How to ROOT
- Download
- Flash this zip file via Recovery
Keywords: Pantech, SKY, VEGA, A870S, A870K, A870L, Root, Recovery

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

[ROM][A870] International version S-L-K

Pantech VEGA Iron A870 modified ROM based latest international version (March 2014)

1. Changelog:
- Multi-languague, 1000-character sms (stock sms), forget the 80-char sms limit!!!

- Battery life, wifi, signal reception optimization
- Add greenify for full deep-sleep
- Change home icon

2. How to flash

- Using CWM 6.0.28 to restore
- Download the zip file, put into clockworkmod/backup in SDcard
- Reboot into recovery, go to mounts and storage

--> format 3 items: system, data, cache
--> go backup --> backup and restore
--> restore from external_sd (or SD card)
Choose the Backup ROM --> Yes

For S/L version, better restore 2 times. If the first time fails (stuck at logo...), no problems, just remove the battery, flash again

Link ROM (in CWM backup format)

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Solving "Sorry, you are not allowed to make this call"

May be you've heard about Betamax - the German Voip Provider, with their exceptional cheap voip service. They have dozens of retail and wholesale labels like 12voip, Calleasy, Poivy, Smsdiscount, VoipCheap and many more. Due to their labels, people always have to compare the price when they want to call to 2 countries or more.
There are many complains about their services, especially for no customer supports, no matter how many emails you send them.
Another big problem is the error code 08: "Sorry, you are not allowed to make this call" no matter how much money you've got in your account balance. The problem seems to be considered when Betamax blocks your IP for reasons that only they know.
I faced this problem 2 weeks ago with Poivy, and it took me one week to find a solution. I googled a hundred times and try many suggestions, but almost no luck. A forum in Czech suggested that user can change the IP address by using a third-party software like X-lite since it supports proxy. I tried it and using a proxy which was suggested in that forum (I don't remember the proxy). Yes, it worked, when I tried to call my mobile number with Poivy, but the problem is once one picked up the phone, you can not hear them say and they can't, either. It supposed to be the delay when you have to go through the proxy. If you do not use the proxy, you can not make calls.
So I continued searching to find other softphone that support voip procol, and I found Nimbuzz. Nimbuzz itself does support proxy, but I did not not use proxy since I was afraid of the problem mention above, but surprisingly, I can make a call with a very good sound quality, equally to Poivy without proxy. And my biggest annoying problem with Betamax has been solved.
After downloaded Nimbuzz and register for an account and login, you can add your voip account by going to tools => voice settings and look for SIP provider settings
The configuration should be like this:
Sip provider: Other
Username: your Poivy (smsdiscount, voicecheap...) username
Password: your password in one of those voip service
where BETMAXLABELS should be replaced by the service you are using (in this case, it is poivy)
Proxy: keep it blank
And now, try to make a call ;)
The problem is you have to manually add contacts to Nimbuzz, but if you have a mobile phone that supports java and internet, you can install Nimbuzz mobile version on your mobile, backup your contact and sync it with Nimbuzz PC. If you are using a Windows Mobile based phone, things are even easier, try it yourself.
Now my IP has changed and I do not have to use Nimbuzz in order to be able to make calls anymore, but this is a good experience I want to share for people who is facing the problem with the cheapest Voip provider.