Wednesday, April 30, 2014

[A850L] Android 4.4 kitkat for Pantech Vega R3

Android 4.4 KitKat based on crDroid AOSP for A850L ONLY (not S or K version), almost everything works properly
-Camera  ok
-1080p video recording ok
-Nfc ok
-Sensors ok
-Wifi ok
-3G ok
-Phone functions ok
-SMS ok with >160 characters
-Add focal camera cyanogenmod
-Suppport Opengl 3.0 for better gaming experience

- Nfc cannot be turned off for the first time, reboot to turn off.
- You tell me
This ROM must be flashed via CWM recovery 6044, flash this recovery first (pass if requested: minhhai)
Link ROM
Link Gapps
Tags: Pantech, VEGA, R3 A850L, KitKat

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

[A850S/L/K] CWM Recovery All in one for Vega R3 JellyBean

CWM Recover for Pantech Vega R3 A850L/S/K running JellyBean
1) Skip if you already have the drivers installed
Download and install USB A850L
2) Turn of your device. Press and hold Volume UP + Volume DOWN + Power, then choose fastboot
3) Connect your phone with the PC, waiting for the drivers to install
3) Download
password: dvha79_ddt
4) Unzip the downloaded file, run Install Recovery from Fastboot.bat, type 8 and enter, the device will reboot into CWM Recovery
Keywords: A850L, A850K, A850S, Pantech, VEGA, R3, Recovery, CWM

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

[ROM][A830S/L/K/KE] - VEGA LTE-A style

- Android Jerry Bean 4.1.2, Kernel v4.0 by diszell2008
- Languages: Korean – English – Vietnamese
- SMS over 10000 characters (no more 80 char limit!!!)
- Fix USSD code
- Optimization for 2G/3G.
- UI: combination of LG,SAMSUNG,SKY.
- Pre-rooted and CWM Recovery 6033 installed.
Link for download
Link 1:
Link 2: Racer 2/Hanzoo1504_Choimobile.vn_Vietnamese/
Link 1:
Link 2: Racer 2/Hanzoo1504_Choimobile.vn_Vietnamese/
Link 3:
Link 1:
Link 2:
Link 1:
Link 2: Racer 2/Hanzoo1504_Choimobile.vn_Vietnamese/
How to flash
- Enter recovery mode (Press and hold Volume up + Power while phone is off) and do as follows
|----- install zip from sdcard |--->choose zip from sdcard
| |--->browse for the  .zip
| |--->Yes, install zip...
| |--- go back
|------wipe data/factory reset ---> yes
|------wipe cache partition ---> yes
|-------advanced |----> wipe dalvik cache ---> yes
| | go back
|-------reboot system now
The first boot will take 3-5 mins, so don’t  panic.
Keywords: Pantech, A830L, A830K, A830S, A830KE, Root, Recovery, ROM, Sms fix
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

[A830] ROM SphinX v1

Based on stock ROM of L version with lots of tweaks and fixes, removal of Korean apps, unlimited SMS, (not tested with K and S version).
Flash via Philz Touch Recovery
Always do a NAND backup before flashing any ROM
Copy to Internal or external storage.
Reboot into recovery, do a factory reset, wipe cache partition, wipe davik cache, battery stats.
Flash the zip file and enjoy.
Keywords: Pantech, SKY, A830L, Recovery, SphinX

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

[VEGA 860L/S/K] Original stock ROM via online update

If you mess up with the ROMs, many problems could happen and in many cases, return to original stock ROM will solve the problems. For Pantech VEGA A860L/S/K, you can return to latest stock ROM following these steps

1) Backup your data, fully charge your phone. Install drivers for your PC
A860L : A860S :
A860K :
2) Go to SW upgrade mode: Holding Power + Volume UP + Volume DOWN at the same time, then using the power button to choose the first option
3) Go to this website using INTERNET EXPLORER (not Firefox or Chrome)
4) Click like in the image below
Accept active X installation if any.
Waiting, the upgrade process will take minutes to hours depending on your internet connection. After that, the phone will reboot itself, you will have the latest stock


Keywords: Pantech, SKY, VEGA, A860L, A860S, A860K, Stock, Original

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

[A830] Pantech VEGA RACER 2 A830 S/L/K/KE Custom ROM v7.1

-Build based on  L 214
-System optmization
- Full SMS fix (160 characters or more)
- Fast wifi and 3G speed
- Major tweaks
- VEGA A870-A900 User interface
Link ROM
Flash via recovery (3 wipes) and flash this patch
After that, flash the PATCH for your version (S, L, K or KE) otherwise the touch screen will NOT work
Keywords: Pantech, VEGA, SKY, A830L, A830K, A830S, A830KE, recovery, CWM, Clockworkmod, ROOT, custom ROM, SMS fix

[A830L] Philz Touch Recovery 5.15.0 (CWM for A830L

Warning: This recovery is for Pantech SKY VEGA A830L only, not applicable for S, K or KE version
1) If you already have another recovery, flash this zip file
2) If you have not got any kind of recovery (or you don’t know what it is)
- Go to playstore and install Recovery Tools – Flasher (need ROOT)
- Download the img file
- Install that img file using Recovery Tools – Flasher
Keywords: Pantech, VEGA, SKY, A830L, A830K, A830S, A830KE, recovery, CWM, Clockworkmod, ROOT

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