Monday, August 11, 2014

[A870L] Stock KitKat firmware with sms fix

 For A870L ONLY!!! Warning, one user (see comment below) reported that LTE 2100 is not working after flashing this ROM.
  • Based on latest stock Kitkat firmware S1235210
  • Removed 80-char SMS limitation, now unlimited, undivided SMS
  • Korean apps removed
  • Vega Iron 2 A910 music player
  • Removed Korean characters in dial-pad
  • System optimization
How to flash:
- First, flash this Recovery via your current recovery
- Do a full backup – I am not responsible for the damages, data loss to your phone!
- Do factory reset, wipe cache, wipe battery stats
- Flash this file via your new recovery A870L Stock KitKat fix
- After rebooting for the first time, install this application, tap the window two times then reboot your device (The developer did not say anything, but I guest it’s for rooting your device)

keywords: Pantech, SKY, VEGA, IRON, SMS fix, 80 characters, A870L