Sunday, April 6, 2014

[VEGA 860L/S/K] Original stock ROM via online update

If you mess up with the ROMs, many problems could happen and in many cases, return to original stock ROM will solve the problems. For Pantech VEGA A860L/S/K, you can return to latest stock ROM following these steps

1) Backup your data, fully charge your phone. Install drivers for your PC
A860L : A860S :
A860K :
2) Go to SW upgrade mode: Holding Power + Volume UP + Volume DOWN at the same time, then using the power button to choose the first option
3) Go to this website using INTERNET EXPLORER (not Firefox or Chrome)
4) Click like in the image below
Accept active X installation if any.
Waiting, the upgrade process will take minutes to hours depending on your internet connection. After that, the phone will reboot itself, you will have the latest stock


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