Thursday, June 26, 2014

[A860] Omni Kitkat 4.4.3 ROM RC2.0 by Syhost

Original post in Chinese
Warning: This is not an official ROM, this is a ROM ported to A860L/S/K by Syhost.
Currently, Youtube does not work properly (Video breaks) – FIXED, see below!
Video  preview (sorry for a landscape video)

1) Wifi: ok

2) Bluetooth: ok (Sometimes Bluetooth disconnects and reconnects)

3) 2G / 3G: ok

4) SMS: ok, including long SMS

5) GPS: ok

6) Camera: ok (Photo taking is OK, Video recording may need to restart to store the files )

7) GPU control: ok

8) Sound, microphone etc.: Ok

10) Proximity sensor  : ok

11) Light sensor: ok

12) Gyroscope: ok

13) Video playback: ok

14) Touch screen: ok

15) OTG: not fully functional, mouse is ok but usb disk does not mount

16) WFD (Wireless Display): Unknown

17) MTP and USB connection: ok

18) NFC: ok

19) Wifi and Bluetooth tethering: OK

20) Vibration: ok, but Vibration patterns do not work

Update August 15th To fix Youtube video problem:

- Use any root browser apps, go to system/ and open build.prop, change the value as below


Link ROM:!Ro1VwYwR!xTtoZcqri0h9bGzvJ2gd6pOtCBH_BjgB8MHVOlLltKU
Gapps (flash after the file above):
Those 2 files above must be flashed via CMW Recovery