Monday, August 11, 2014

[A870L] Stock KitKat firmware with sms fix

 For A870L ONLY!!! Warning, one user (see comment below) reported that LTE 2100 is not working after flashing this ROM.
  • Based on latest stock Kitkat firmware S1235210
  • Removed 80-char SMS limitation, now unlimited, undivided SMS
  • Korean apps removed
  • Vega Iron 2 A910 music player
  • Removed Korean characters in dial-pad
  • System optimization
How to flash:
- First, flash this Recovery via your current recovery
- Do a full backup – I am not responsible for the damages, data loss to your phone!
- Do factory reset, wipe cache, wipe battery stats
- Flash this file via your new recovery A870L Stock KitKat fix
- After rebooting for the first time, install this application, tap the window two times then reboot your device (The developer did not say anything, but I guest it’s for rooting your device)

keywords: Pantech, SKY, VEGA, IRON, SMS fix, 80 characters, A870L


  1. LTE 2100 not working after flashing this ROM

    1. Thanks for reporting, updated in the post

  2. this link is not working

  3. this link is not working pls fix this!!!!

  4. Thank you. its working fine on Sky870L