Monday, September 8, 2014

Official KitKat 4.4.2 for VEGA No.6 S/L/K BINX files

English: KitKat chunky. Français : Barre de Ki...

As I mention in the previous post, BINX is the safest way to upgrade your VEGA device to a completely new generation of Android (ICS to Jelly Bean, Jelly Bean to KitKat).
if you have a slow internet connection, you better download BINX file separately and put into the temp folder then follow then method described in Step 7 of this post.
Here are the link for the latest KitKat firmware (as of September 2014) for Pantech VEGA No. 6
A860S Firmware S0217213
A860L : Firmware S1234209
A860K : Firmware S0838213
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  1. Hi there :)
    I have been using VEGA A860L about more than a year which I bought in Korea but few days ago I was taking a photo then suddenly it got turned off and then I restart it again then it shows "system restart because of application operation error" then I tried to find out some solution for this because in Germany nobody got this phone so found some solution for the phone which is given here at your link in the Labels column VEGA A860 and downloaded all the files which is uploaded in the column but didnt work and even I try to update with the Korean Website "" here the upgrading button is just rotating so dont exactly know what to do? So if you have any idea please help me out. Thanks :)

  2. Thank you very much... Works with IM-A860K. Korea. great...!!!!

  3. links not working...
    plz update..