Tuesday, July 29, 2014

[A870] CWM Philz Touch Recovery 6.50.2 for stock KitKat firmware

Congratulations, your VEGA Iron is now powered by the latest Android KitKat
The next step, which is very important to backup your phone and flash any other modified ROM, is to find a Recovery for your Iron.
Luckily someone was kind enough to make a CWM recovery for A870 all versions (S/L/K), which is promised to be stable with KitKat, and moreover, this is a touch-enabled recovery.
Please download the file here http://www.mediafire.com/?1mb0jlaxdujwepi
And flash via your current recovery. If you haven’t got any recovery yet, follow the instruction here to install, and then flash the file above immediately after you can boot into recovery.
The CWM Philz Touch Recovery 6.50.2 can also be used with A870S/L/K running JellyBean. After that, if you want to upgrade to KitKat using zip file, please follow the instruction in the previous post
Source: http://vegaviet.com/threads/276507/ (I don’t know where they get the CWM Philz Touch Recovery 6.50.2)
Keywords: A870s, A870L, A870K, KitKat, Android, Vega, Pantech, iron, root, recovery


  1. Thanks for the information! I got a Vega Iron a few days ago (A870S) and would like to root and backup the phone.

    It's very difficult to find information in English on how to do this. The root was very easy using Towelroot, but I can't figure out how to install the CWM. Do you know of any sites that might be helpful?

  2. Follow this link to install the recovery. (http://androidunlocks.blogspot.com/). then go to recovery and make a backup. Simple.. ;)